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Affirmations ❤️💛🧡

Affirmations are a positive statement that can help you feel more relaxed, positive and happy at any time in your life. The more you use them the more content your life becomes and the happier you are.

To use positive affirmations you need to focus on the present tense ie, here and now. For example, you may be feeling a bit nervous about an upcoming exam or job interview, you can say to yourself, " I've got this, I can do my best" rather than worrying about the pending outcome and becoming overly anxious and working yourself up.

When you state the feeling that you want to feel, mirror the image, for example, if you want to be happy, smile! If you want to feel calm relax the muscles in your body. It always helps to take large deep breaths, in through your nose, hold and then release slowly through your mouth.

When you feel yourself becoming overly anxious, it is usually your mind going into overdrive and thinking up all sorts of possible scenarios. Try to calm this overthinking by saying an affirmation such as: "I feel calm in my body, I feel relaxed, I am content and happy and I know everything will work out."

Affirmations can help you to create a wonderful life, so start using them now! ❤️ Let go of the negative self talk, it is not helpful, replace it with positive self talk and wonderful affirmations and you can let go of any anxiety or depression.

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