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Support your child's interests

As a parent of 5 kids who are all extremely different, I have realised how important it is to support them each as individuals. My kids are all unique, and all have different interests and talents. It is my job as their parent to help nurture these interests.

This is one of my sons competing at the National Gymnastic Championships. He has been a competitive gymnast for 6 years, and he is now 12 years old, still competing and also coaching junior gymnasts.

I believe we all have talents, and weaknesses too of course, and, what we focus on can become our biggest challenge or our greatest strength. Our children look to their parents for guidance, we can't make them do, or be anything, all we can do is be a guide and a role model for them. Positive praise and encouragement goes a long way!

Focus on your child's interests, their strengths and their natural abilities, whether it may be their determination with sports, academic, artistic or nurturing abilities. Everyone has strengths and all we need to do, as their parents, is encourage them, stay positive, stay focused. And they will fly. ❤️

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