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Be Inspired!

During lockdown, in September 2021, I was inspired to write some workbooks for my lovely clients. This was a hard time for so many people, and especially difficult for those who were already feeling depressed, anxious and isolated. Some people were so afraid to leave their homes with the fear of catching the dreaded covid, and this just isolated people even more making them feel more distant from friends and family.

As the lockdown continued I kept adding to my workbooks with many more strategies and ideas, and after 4 weeks I had written my first book; Be Inspired! Due for release in February 2022.

This book is designed to help people find ways to inspire happiness into their lives and focuses on three sections; mind, body and soul. There are helpful ways to manage depression and anxiety and stress and lots of strategies and tools to help you create a happy, healthy and purposeful life, a life you love.

I have used some of the pictures with affirmations from my values card deck throughout the book with the artwork supplied by my gorgeous sister Lanie Wilton.

I have also included beautiful heart-felt poems written by my mother, Lyn Philips.

The affirmations I have included are there for you to learn and use daily to encourage mindful self talk and to inspire positive change and self love.

This book is a collection of ideas that I use regularly in my own life and with the wonderful people I support. I hope you are inspired to read it!

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