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Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Earlier this year I began working as a sensitive claims Counsellor for ACC. I feel so completely privledged to do the work I do, and so humbled by the stories I hear of incredible survival. Every single one of them! No child, no teenager, no adult, in any way shape or form, age or ability, deserves to be sexually abused.

For those of you reading this today, if you have been hurt by someone in a sexual way, whether it was years ago or yesterday, if you feel you have unresolved feelings (anger, anxiety, pain, depression) then please talk with a Counsellor and begin the healing process. It is absolutely free! Funded through ACC, you just need to find a registered sensitive claims Counsellor and they will complete the forms for you.

You are a survivor, not a victim. You are beautiful, not sinful or ugly. You are whole and complete not useless and shameful!

There is a lot of stigma and shame around abuse, particularly if it was sexual. Not to mention the amount of stress that it causes on your body, and your mind. You do not need permission to ask for help, but you do need to take the first step. Often, the first few times are the hardest but after a while, you feel more relaxed and become more comfortable and it feels SO good to talk and let it out AND, let it ALL go! You deserve to heal, for yourself and for your family. You deserve peace xo

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