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My top 5 favourite ways to reduce stress and anxiety...

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

1. Visualise...

Example: If you are afraid of going somewhere visualise yourself there already, relaxed, calm and happy. Don't think about it as a scary place think of it as a wonderful place! Close your eyes and imagine you are there, happy and content, smile and breath long deep breaths. Visualisation is a wonderful skill to learn if you struggle with anxiety. Practice makes perfect so do this as often as you can. Another way is to create a vision board where you put beautiful pictures and empowering words on a board where you can regularly view it, of things, people, places, events that you want in your life. If the goal is visual it is more likely to become a reality!

2. Train your thoughts to be positive...

Example: If you are always thinking I can't... because you are too scared then you will create irrational fears. Try to re-train your thinking and change your thoughts around to be positive. YES it really is THAT easy! Once you do this a few times it becomes second nature and before you know it your life will have made a huge turn around simply because of the way you are thinking! Make "I can ...." your new mantra! Make the thoughts you think and the words you say, from now on, vibrant positive and empowering!

3. Relaxation Breathing...

Example: You are feeling stressed, anxious and worried about going somewhere. Take a long deep breath, in through your nose and hold it for several seconds and feel your tummy expand. Release your breath very slowly through pursed lips. Continue doing this for several minutes to help calm you. This is a great way to relax your mind from overthinking things when you are getting stressed or anxious. Relaxation breathing can help in so many stressful situations. It is incredibly easy and people will hardly even notice you doing it! This is one of my all time favourite tools when I am feeling worried about a situation. Believe me it does work!

4. Positive Self Talk...

Example: You always say to yourself ; "I can't" or... "I'm too scared"... Instead say "I am so proud of myself for giving it a go" or ..."I CAN do it".

Simply by replacing the negative word you are giving yourself an opportunity to give "it" a go. Even if you find "it" incredibly hard to do at first, at least you will have tried and given it a go. It does get easier. Positive self talk increases your self esteem and makes life so much happier, please do give it a go!

5. Purpose...

Example; A lack of purpose or 'meaningfulness' in life can often cause people to have panic attacks and phobias and feel trapped by their current life circumstances.

Having a purpose has two functions:

1) Purpose allows you to feel more complete and whole. Having goals and achieving them, no matter how small, gives you a sense of fulfillment and pleasure. Make some goals! Write them down and make an effort to work towards them. Visualise them and make them happen!

2) Purpose also allows you in some way to serve or contribute to the betterment of others. This makes you 'feel good' not only because you are helping others but you are contributing to society in a positive way. What can you do that is meaningful or helpful for others?

So there you have it! If you want to create more 'Balance and Wellbeing' in your life and reduce stress and anxiety then start with these 5 things.

Karlyn xo

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