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What is your life purpose?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

If you are currently feeling out of touch with your life purpose then here are some ways to help stimulate your thinking in this area...

Write a list from 1 - 10 and answer the questions honestly and without hesitating too much.

1. Work... Do you love what you do? If not what would you prefer to be doing? Who would you like be working with? What would you be doing? How many hours would you be working per week?

2. Education... Are you satisfied with the education you have had? Would you like to increase your education? Would you like to do a trade or study something by correspondence part time?

3. Creativity... What do love to do creatively? If nothing, is there something you wish to develop or explore further? What do you do that excites you? Can you write, sing,play music, dance, build or bake? Could you turn this passion into a career or do more of it in your spare time?

4. Spiritual... Do you have any desires to learn about spirituality or meditation or prayer? What would you like to explore spiritually? Perhaps you would like to know more about your ancestry or your whakapapa or perhaps you want to learn to relax and quieten your mind more? Whatever spirituality means to you, your spirituality does not necessarily mean your religious beliefs.

5. Career... If you could have any career what would it be? When you hear someone talk about their career that makes you think "wow that would be amazing!" What career makes you think "Wow!"

6. Accomplish... By the time you are 70 what would you have liked to have accomplished so that you feel you have lived a meaningful life?

7. Values... What are your most important values? What values give your life the greatest meaning? Values can mean your strengths, your most important rules in your family - what you hold dear and meaningful to you.

8. Changes... What changes do you need to make or what risks do you need to make to more fully realise your most important values? What are you not doing that lines with your important values?

9. Skills... Do you have any special skills or talents that you would like to develop more? What changes or risks do you need to make in order to develop your special skills or talents? Do you need to move out of your comfort zone a little bit?

10. Goal Setting... In light of the questions above, what do you feel your most important life purpose would include? Where are you not aligned currently? Where can you make some changes? Write down the changes you would like to make, make sure they are achievable! Write them down and make sure they are visible, on a chalk board in your kitchen or perhaps on a post-it-note on the mirror in your bathroom or bedroom. Slowly begin working your way towards these goals and before you know it you will be aligned with your life purpose!

Make it happen!

Karlyn xo

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